Buying a Flute
For Beginners

Advice Before Your First Lesson

Hello Everyone. Welcome to my new blog. When a new student comes to me they have frequently bought their flute before starting lessons. After all, they reason, there’s no point in having lessons without having already purchased an instrument. This often means they have bought the cheapest second hand flute they have been able to find on Amazon or eBay. We then spend several months trying to play a flute that is almost unplayable – even by me and though my heart sinks, I don’t like to break the bad news to them that they have wasted their money. How often I wish that pupils had consulted me before buying their flute! Therefore, I thought I would make this the subject of my first blog.

When shopping for a flute online or in person, go to a reputable dealer who will stand behind the warranty they offer and workmanship of the brands they are selling.

In the UK or Europe I suggest:

And in America I suggest:

Most teachers recommend a Yamaha 200 series flute. The current beginner model Yamaha YFL212 also includes offset G and split E mechanism. This makes the left hand position more comfortable and means the top E is nicely in tune.

The reason Yamahas are often recommended is that they are very well made and hold their mechanical precision over time as the metal is not too soft. They are subject to the minimum of repairs, play in tune – especially the C# and also resell for a high value. Many pupils keep them all the way up to grade 8 when they then buy a more expensive flute. It also means you can avoid trying to upgrade which saves money, until you are ready for your professional model. Another brand that is brilliant for beginners in America is the Di Zhou student flute. All the flute shops I have mentioned will post you up to three flutes and let you try them out before you buy. You can always order three of the same model and keep the one you feel plays best, or you can decide to rent first. If you feel you would like to get a teacher involved, when it comes to trying several models and helping you choose the best one, it can be arranged for All Flutes Plus to send me the flutes too so that I can help you make a final choice. Please let me know if you would like my help in helping you decide. All the best with your flute playing!