Piano Lesson Books

Alfred’s Premier Piano Course First

There are many excellent piano courses available but I find this course has worked better than any other.

The concepts are reinforced by the optional supplementary books available at each level. This means we can tailor the course to each individual student. Many people give up learning the piano basically because of insufficient practice! With this course I can make sure this never happens. We can stay on a level as long as is necessary which means that the student never finds themselves studying pages they can’t play.

By the time a student has studied levels 1A and 1B they are ready to start studying for their grade 1 ABRSM exams in the UK.

Of course, we can still continue to make progress at level 2 in the course, but if pupils decide to take the exam route, at this point I usually start studying the grade 1 scales and pieces etc.

At the end of level 2A and 2B we can start studying for grade 2 ABRSM and so on.

I find adults can make good progress on this course too, though there is an Alfred’s adult course. Because it is difficult for them to find sufficient practice time, they appreciate there is a wealth of material to play at each level that progresses slowly, without having to spend ages on each page in order to play the next piece.